Tuesday , 25 September 2018
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How to Excel at Your Next Job Interview

How to Excel at Your Next Job Interview

Obtaining an interview is always an exciting time when searching for a new job. Most likely, you’ll become hopeful that this interview could lead to your dream job.

Yet during the interview, many candidates’ nerves get the better of them—especially if they are recent graduates looking for their first real world work experience.

What happens to turn a confident hopeful into a bundle of nervous energy?

The difference is often due to a lack of preparation. Many candidates walk into the interview room without bringing extra materials or work samples. They don’t rehearse their answers, so when faced with a trick question, they become tongue-tied.

To succeed in your next job interview, you will need to spend time preparing before you arrive. Practice answering common questions and pack any materials you might need, such as your portfolio.

Prospective employees should also show that they’ll be good workers if hired, so exhibit good body language during the interview—and good manners afterwards. Send a thank-you note to tell the hiring manager you appreciate their time.

Preparing for an interview can be overwhelming. These 21 tips to succeed in an interview will give you an easy-to-use checklist to make sure you’re ready to put your best foot forward.